A Most Uncivil War

Beginning in 1917 and running across the twentieth century, A Most Uncivil War tells the story of a young man, struggling with his position as a landowner and head of the house. Giving in to his adolescent desires for one night, he sets the family on a path that culminates in estrangement, irreconcilable lies, brutality, glimpses of utopia, executions and eventual tragedy. Based on the true story of the hundreds of thousands of people that gambled with  their lives for a just and equal world, and who eventually paid the ultimate price in the first line of defence against the fascist axis.

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a sensitive and pacey novel worth its place in any collection of Spanish civil war literature.” – Tribune Magazine

this must be the definitive fictional expression of the Spanish civil war”, “a heartfelt and moving testimony”, “If you read no other novel occasioned by this heroic working-class struggle, then Nicolas Lalaguna’s work will tell you everything you need to know.” – Morning Star

The books hooks you in from the start with great characters leading to a climactic and gruelling finish”, “hard to put down”, “Compelling, epic and moving.” – Manchester Military History Society

a highly readable novel that skilfully captures and explains the background to the Spanish Civil War”, “a compelling story that readers will not only find educational but also highly dramatic.” – Unite the Union, November Book of the Month