To best explain a site which brings together all of my writing in one place it is probably best to start with who I am and why I write.

I was born and grew up in North London. I left state education at seventeen with 2 O’ Levels and 2 C.S.E.s. I soon started working in commission only sales jobs. Before long I was earning a relatively high income in the legitimate and entirely socially acceptable IT sector. I continued to work in it for nearly ten years.

I would like to say it was a damascene conversion that made me leave, but it wasn’t. It was the slow cold realisation that my world had become one of prejudice, inequality, nepotism, corruption and drugs. The final straw came when I realised my two largest clients where a Newspaper owning pornographer and a transatlantic arms manufacturer. In just under fifteen years I had gone from marching with the Miners to kowtowing to pimps and killers to pay for drugs.

I shelved that life and moved into the not-for-profit sector. In my spare time I tried to understand exactly how I had been caught up in this shadow world. The more I learned the worse it became. The problem wasn’t that I had been caught up with a peculiarly bad crowd, the problem was that this was the fundamental nature of the UK economy. There was a ruling class, and their control was based on mass complicity and institutional inequality. I was part of that.

Before long I was struggling to focus my learning so I started a degree with the Open University. Shortly after that, the ruling class felt the time was right to stop pretending that they believed that education for all and the free sharing of knowledge was the foundation on which all of our futures relied. Instead, it would be far more lucrative for them if the ruled class were more compliant and less informed, so education was re-branded as a luxury consumer product, and large sections of society priced out of learning. I was one of them, so I was back to self-guided research.

The more I learned, the more I felt the need to tell someone. And rather than berate and badger my friends and family I started writing. To that end, this site is a collection of my freely available and published pros. The fiction you’ve got to pay for. But the pros are free.

My first article was published in Red Pepper in 2002. I have been writing for some time now so it will take me a little while to get it all up here. I will also strive to keep updating this when ever I get something published.

I hope the site is self-explanatory in terms of navigating it, but again, I am self-taught … with the help of Youtube and family … so if there is a problem just let me know and I’ll try to get it sorted. If you do have an questions for me please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact form.

To survive we must develop, to develop we must learn, and to learn we must share knowledge.