I say evade, you  say avoid; lets call the whole thing off was first published by Znet on 15th October 2016. It is a 2,500 word promoted by a discussion about tax at a family meal. This occurred at a time when the role of tax evasion was being discussed by the mass media, allbeit under pressure from their audiences. I say evade asks the wider questions of what and why does tax exist, who does it apply it to, and to what end.

Homage to Asturias, Aragon and Catalonia was first published by New Left Project on 3rd February 2014. It is a 2,700 word essay examining, what has been described as, the best historical example we have of a large-scale anarchist revolution. The essay was prompted by the 80th anniversary of the workers’ uprising in Asturias, which in no small part prepared the way for the Spanish revolution two years later.

The Right to Vote in a Rigged Game was first published by New Left Project on 20th November 2013. It is a 3,000 word essay examining the historical development of the modern political processes in the UK, and measures it against a normative definition of democracy. It was originally prompted by the celebrity Russell Brand, who was arguing that the UK was not a democracy in the truest sense of the word.

Gold or Freedom was first published by New Left Project on 4th October 2012. It is a 2,400 word essay discussing the role and impact of the Olympic games on totalitarianism and the war between the classes, in the context of the Anarchist revolution in Spain. It tells the story of the People’s Olympics in Barcelona in 1936 in counterpoint to the Nazi Olympics that same year.

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