Climate change denial and the political power of oral sex

So Dominic Cummings, De Pfeffel Johnson’s key adviser, sacked Claire O’Neill from leading the UN climate talks later this year in Glasgow as President of COP26. In response O’Neill told the Today programme that De Pfeffel Johnson had admitted to her that he didn’t get climate change. For some this has proved to be a shocking allegation, but for others it is a welcome clarification of what they already knew. It is important to remember.…

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Electoral dysfunction and the climate emergency: a failure to perform with the world watching

2019 will for many be remembered as the year that a sixteen year old grabbed the global mainstream media by the shoulders and screamed ‘climate emergency’ in to its face. Unfortunately, I feel it is important to highlight one of the key obstacles potentially standing in the way of Greta and the millions of other activists fighting the architects of this existential catastrophe that we are all facing. That obstacle is the illusion of democratic…

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